Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breanna's Sweet Sixteen Luau invites

I was approached by a good friend of mine to design some invites for her daughter's Sweet 16 party.  Of course I said, "yes!"  She gave me the theme and I was very excited to start coming up with ideas.  Rather than design one card with the same embellishment for the entire package, I decided to use 6 different colors for the mats and fonts. Each of the invites were accented with either a lei, beach ball, tropical flower, pineapple drink, tribal mask or a pair of flip flops.  I had so much fun creating these invites!
Set of 6 invites each in a different luau color.
Each invite is filled with white sand and tiny shell fragments!

Pink invite with a lei embellishment.  

The yellow invites were embellished with a tropical flower in coordinating colors.

The purple invites were embellished with flip flops in coordinating colors.

The blue invites each had a tribal mask with the markings done in coordinating colors.

Each green invite was embellished with a pineapple drink complete with a tiny umbrella!

Beach balls in coordinating colors for each of the orange invites.

Envelopes were printed with Breanna's address in all 6 colors and a  tiny palm tree image.

Even the packaging is color coordinated!

If you see something that you like and would like to place an order, please contact me at - 505.205.9795 (mobile) -

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